Our Calgary based toy store offers a unique selection of toys designed for young children.

Created by my husband Daven and I, our emphasis is on excellence in design and safety of materials blended with the quality of play.

Mountaintop Toys is a return to the enchantment of hand made wooden and fabric toys offering a refreshing alternative to plastic-wrapped, mass-marketed products. The toys have been imported from Europe and chosen for their memorable qualities – great design, very high safety standards, and just plain fun.

These are the kind of toys that I was fortunate to grow up with in my hometown Halle in Germany and pass on to our three children Ava, Jonas and Grace.

Find a perfect gift for the new baby, the busy toddler, or the imaginative preschooler. Those looking for a distinctive, hands on shopping experience can find one by checking our market dates on the Upcoming Events Tab on our website.

Mountaintop Toys, not your ordinary toy store.

  • We sell unique toys and games designed and made in Europe.
  • We can ship anywhere in Canada.
  • We offer personalized service at our markets in and around Calgary throughout the year.
  • Free gift wrapping available.


Warm regards,

Henriette and Daven Rechel